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8/08/2017 3:10 pm  #1

Waukesha County/Milwaukee County P25 OASIS system

Hello everyone I have been into monitoring public safety, business and ham radio communications since being a little kid I am almost 30 years old and lots of things have changed even in my short time listening to communications, Tim has a great website with lots of information that goes well beyond radioreference, anyways after that introduction I have some updates to OASIS that I have observed while out and about.
Milwaukee County-
Lots of testing going on with talk groups 5 and 7 with Milwaukee County Transit system (MCTS) ops patched on those talkgroups from the Motorola Type 2 analog system
213- I believe it's a courthouse talkgroup with P25 traffic from radio to radio and patched to talkgroup 3408 on Motorola type 2 analog system
Waukesha County
No traffic when I monitor except the control channel being online


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